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Rutgers CAPS: Throttle Down Thursday @ GSL


Held every Thursdays from 12 – 1pm.

Sense of Self

This workshop explores the five senses (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, and Smell) to assist in
mindfulness and relaxation. There are five different breathing exercises that will us each of your senses
to meditate. This workshop does require that you have access to a flavored beverage or snack, a
fragrance of your liking, a tactile object that you like to touch, and pencil and paper.

Too Stressed To Test: Managing Anxiety

This is a space for student to discuss the things that cause them anxiety and its impact on their life.
Student’s will receive support with coping skills to better manage their anxiety.

Who am I? Understanding Ones Identity in Academia

Using Dr. Pamela Haye’s “ADDRESSING Model” students will engage in exploring their identity. They
will look at how their different cross sections of identity maybe impacted by the academic setting.
Student’s will be supported with perspective taking and better understanding their value as a person.

Don’t Tip the Scale: Work Life Balance

Students will be introduced to the Dimensions of Wellness and the benefits of having a balanced life. It
will support student in using the dimensions to recognize where they have strengths. The workshop will
offer ways to create life balance amid academic responsibility.

In-Person Session

Graduate Student Lounge

126 Colleges Ave
(Behind Panera)