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Ruth Midianga is a second year graduate Social Work student at the School of Social Work Masters Program. She aspires to become a licensed clinical social worker. Her personal interests are working with mental illness and children and young adults. She has graduated from New Jersey City University with her Bachelors of Science in Public Health. During her free time, she likes to ride her bike near the waterfront or write in her journal.







Jessica Dobbs is a second-year masters student in Rehabilitation Counseling on the Mental Health Counseling Track. She plans to be a Licensed Professional Counselor following graduation and clinical hours. In her spare time she enjoys reading and traveling.









Hello, my name is Abbie Neo. I am a first year Master of Business and Science (MBS) student at Rutgers. For my undergrad, I completed a degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue. I grew up in Northeast Ohio and was born in Singapore. Though my field lies within STEM, I have a strong passion for mental health wellness and awareness. I believe one of the best things you can do is allow someone to feel seen and appreciated. I have a special love for mindfulness meditations and music therapy. I am also a big animal lover and think pets can transform your mental health. I hope to create a safe space for grad students here at Rutgers and bring about positive conversations about the importance of mental health.