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The Health and Nutrition Committee (HNC) is one subgroup under the Rutgers Graduate Student Association (GSA) that focuses on teaching and promoting healthy living to the graduate students of the Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway campus. The mission of the GSA-HNC is to improve graduate students’ physical health, help them build a positive social relationship, and provide nutrition education to promote a healthy lifestyle. We advocate for graduate students to pay more attention to their health and actively discuss topics about health.

The GSA-HNC offers opportunities for graduate students to ask health-related questions and receive professional assistance in making behavior changes towards a balanced healthy lifestyle. The GSA-HNC also advocates improving health through a combination of nutrition and physical activity, which is consistent with the nutritional goals of nutrition authorities and experts in modern society. We are guided by the principles of gender, racial, and national equality. The GSA-HNC devotes itself to good communication in an accepting environment and through a friendly exchange of ideas.

  • The participants will be able to identify more health resources in their daily lives.
    • Places to acquire food
    • Which foods to lean towards
    • Various physical activities
  • The participants will be able to make practical plans to improve their overall health.
  • The participants will be able to complete healthy food preparation safely.
  • The participants will be able to discuss health topics with each other and build meaningful relationships with each other.


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