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For any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to send us an email. The email addresses of all the GSA Member’s are listed below:

Executive Board:
President: Shawn Rumrill (
Executive Vice President: Nusrath Yusuf (
Secretary: Dheeraj Goli (
Treasurer: Mary Pat Reiter (
Vice President of Events and Programming: Jodh Singh (
Vice President of External Affairs: Arthur Lee (
Vice President of Marketing, Orientations, and Communications: Christine Wang (
Professional Development Director: Anannya Bhagwat (
Academic Development Director: Vrushali Palande (

GSA Health Committees:
Mental Health Committee Chair: Ruth Midianga (
Recreation Committee Chair: Eleanor Agosta (
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Co-chair: Eric Chiles, Jae Kerstetter (

Senator: Sonal Gahlawat
Senator: Natalie Losada
Senator: Chelsea Cary

Hired positions:
Events Manager: Himanshu Waingankar (
Business Managers: Molly Stern and Shawn Rumrill (