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Success with non-dilutive funding? Learn how through: Road to Commercialization Symposium Series- 1/3 (Spring 2023)

In an-going effort to provide all of our Rutgers community access to resources and materials that will be useful to their research commercialization activities, Innovation Ventures @ the Office for Research invites all our faculty, staff, fellows and students to our Road to Commercialization Symposium Series #1.

At this webinar our speakers (Rutgers researchers and start-up founders) will share their tips on how they were successful in securing non-diluted funding. A grant that allows innovators to maximize their equity and ownership in the technology/start-up. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Anders Laursen, co-founder of RenewCO2 (and a past RU researcher). This will be followed by a panel discussion including Rutgers faculty- Dr. Michael Dunn (Orthopedic Surgery) and Dr. Rupak Doshi, co-founder of OmniSync. The webinar will conclude with short presentations focusing on available resources at Innovation Ventures, including internal funding programs. See attached flyer for details.

Date:13th April 2023.

Time: 9.30 am – 12 pm (EST).

Theme: How to accelerate your commercialization success with non-dilutive funding.


Who can attend: RU faculty, staff, fellows, students, RU start-up founders and teams.

Required to attend: Prospective TechAdvance and HealthAdvance commercialization funding applicants.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Thanks and regards,


Eusebio (EZ) Pires, Ph.D, MBA [he/him/his]- pronounced U-seb-yo Pee-rez

Sr. Manager

Technology Marketing & Business Development

Innovation Ventures (TTO)

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