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Mental health Events for Graduate Students

Dear grad students,

You can get FREE PIZZA at in-person workshops! We have partnered with our community counselor from CAPS, Dana Simons, to offer some workshops specific for graduate students this semester.  Please see the schedule below and add them to your calendar!  No registration is required and you can just listen or participate to your level of comfort.  Everyone is welcome.


Stigma Reduction: Myths and Facts about Mental Health

Join Community Based Counselor Dana, along with your peers, to talk about common misconceptions about mental health, the benefits of mental health, and ways to reduce stigma, including self-stigmatization.

Monday, November 14th, 4:00pm – In Person

675 Hoes Lane West, Deans Conference Room 123, Busch Campus



Time Management and Life Balance Workshop

Let’s share what it is like to manage a busy schedule. How do we juggle academic assignments, lab and coursework, maintaining a social life, trying to get enough sleep, eating well and exercising, etc.

How do we balance taking out time for ourselves and being a supportive friend or family member? Let’s talk about strategies for managing and prioritizing our busy schedules.

Thursday, December 1st, 1:00pm – Virtual

Meeting link:

Meeting number: 2623 576 4702

Password: sT6s72rBPTg

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Join Dana, along with your peers, as we focus on the here and now, without judgment, and practice several examples of mindfulness meditation exercises.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2:00pm – In Person 

675 Hoes Lane West, Deans Conference Room 123, Busch Campus