GSO Advanced Status

GSO Advanced Status Application Link

Advanced status is a special status that GSOs that have been recognized for at least one year may apply for. Groups that receive advanced status will be eligible for an additional pool of money in the GSA’s annual funding process and will in general receive a higher percentage of what they request for the year. The intention of advanced status is to reward and incentivize GSOs that engage in behaviors that facilitate the smooth financial operations of the GSA and support graduate student life at Rutgers.

In order to receive advanced status, GSOs must apply via the application above and verify that they are able to answer yes to at least three of the criteria listed below. For a full understanding of advanced status, its motivations, and how it plays into the GSA’s allocation processes, please see the GSA’s full funding policies. The most relevant sections are 4.4.2 and 5.4.

  1. Has your GSO been recognized as an academic GSO? The list of all recognized academic GSOs is available in the GSO directory here.
  2. Has your GSO publicized at least three events to the GSA events list, social media, or other venues aimed at wide audiences in the last academic year? A venue is for a wide audience if it advertises to multiple academic departments including to members outside of your GSO. You should be able to identify the names and dates of the events and the methods of advertising.
  3. Has your GSO missed no more than two GSA council meetings in the last academic year?
  4. Has your GSO spent 90% or more of its annual entitlement for the last academic year and requested reimbursement for that expense by the end of the fiscal year? Note that the end of the fiscal year is June 30th and that if your GSO applied for savings, this money does not count as spent.
  5. Has a member of your GSO volunteered to assist with a GSA-run event, committee, or initiative in the last academic year? You should be able to note the name and email of the volunteer as well as what they volunteered for.

If you believe your GSO can say yes to at least three of these questions, please apply for advanced status using the form above.