GSA Funding FAQ

Funding FAQ

When can I apply for GSA funding for my group?
The GSA has one funding period, at the beginning of the fall semester. If you have started your GSO before the funding period, you can complete the funding and recognition application as you would if you were an established GSO. If you have started your GSO after the conclusion of the funding period, please contact the GSA. New GSOs have a funding limit of $1500 for the year. See the GSA’s funding policies for more information.

What if I have questions about my allocation? 
Questions about allocations should be directed to the GSA business manager (

What if I have questions about checks, honoraria, payments, etc.? 
Questions about PERs, the status of reimbursement checks, and honoraria should be directed to the GSA Business Manager ( He or she processes all of these documents.

Can I get my money in advance of my event? 
It depends. There are two cases in which funds may be made available prior to an event:

  1. Honoraria: After an allocation has been made for honoraria for a speaker, a GSO may request that a check be made available to be presented to the speaker at their event. For the check to be prepared in time, the GSO must submit an “Honorarium Request Form” available from the GSA website. To provide sufficient time for processing, honorarium request forms must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event (four weeks in advance if the recipient is a non-US citizen).
  2. Large Expenses: Provided that a GSO has received an entitlement for the year, a GSO may request that a payment for an event expense be made directly by the GSA prior to the start of the event provided that the cost of the expense is greater than $500 and that funding the event would not go over that GSO’s total entitlement. For the GSA to perform this service, an invoice for the expense must be submitted to the business manager of the GSA at least two weeks prior to the occurrence of the event.

When will my check be ready? 
The GSA Business Manager will send an email to whoever filled out the PER when the reimbursement check is ready. Checks can be picked up during ANY office hours held by the GSA Board, Business Manager, or Events and Office Manager. Please see the calendar. We attempt to get PERs processed in two to three weeks.

What if I have questions about booking a space? 
Questions about booking a space, catering, etc. should be directed to the GSA Events and Office Manager (