Durable Goods Requests

2019-2020 Durable Goods Request Link

Once every three years, recognized GSOs can apply for durable goods such as microwaves, coffee makers, projectors or karaoke machines through the GSA Durable Good and Campus Improvement Fund. Note that these cannot be purchased through GSO’s regular entitlement funds.

Requests for items through the Durable Goods Fund will be processed on a rolling basis and may require up to a month or more for the GSA to approve the request. GSOs shall under no circumstances assume that a Durable Goods Fund request will be approved until it receives specific confirmation from the GSA that the request has been approved. The GSA will not approve Durable Goods requests until it has received confirmation from the university that the type of item being requested at the price point requested is an acceptable use of GSA funds. No GSO can request an item valued at more than $500 through the fund.

Items purchased through the Durable Goods Fund will be considered GSA property on loan to GSOs and not GSO property. In situations where a GSO no longer has use for a durable good, it must return the item to the GSA and may under no circumstances give the item away. The GSA retains the right to request proof that an item purchased through the Durable Good Fund is still in possession of a GSO that has requested it and is being used as intended and a GSO holding an item will need to verify its status at least once a year.

No GSO may be funded for a specific item through the Durable Goods Fund more than once every three years. Prior to the approval of funding for a replacement of an item previously purchased through the Durable Goods Fund, the GSA may require that the broken item be returned to the GSA.