What is a GSO?

A GSO is a graduate student organization that has been formally recognized by the GSA. GSOs have special privileges including the ability to reserve rooms at the university and the ability to request funding from the GSA.

I am involved in a GSO, what do I need to know?

Everything you need to know about recognition, funding applications, and receiving reimbursements is available on this website. For more help, please contact us. Additionally, please keep your eye on the GSA Events List for up to date announcements on GSA council meetings and funding deadlines. You can sign up for the events list here.

How can I learn more about existing GSOs at Rutgers?

The best place to start learning about GSOs is through the GSO Directory, which lists all GSOs that have been recognized for the year. Each year, a wide range of GSOs are active. Whether your interest is in academics, culture, religion or activism, there is likely to be a GSO that caters to you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then you may want to consider starting your own GSO.

How do I start a new Graduate Student Organization?

Anyone can create a student organization, for (nearly) any purpose.

First, check to see if a similar organization already exists. The GSO Directory lists all the graduate student groups that are currently recognized by the GSA.

Groups that apply for, and are granted, formal recognition by the Gradate Student Association are known as Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs). The advantages of adhering to the GSA requirements and gaining this recognition include:

  • Being able to reserve rooms and space at the university.
  • Being eligible to apply for funding support from the GSA annually.

Please see the Recognition FAQ for more information. If you have more questions please contact us or email one of our officers directly. It is highly recommended that you also sign up for the GSA Events List to receive up to date news about funding deadlines for existing and new organizations.