GSA Awards

GSA Award Nomination Form 2020-21:

The Rutgers University Graduate Student Association is pleased to announce the opening of the nomination process for the 2020-2021 Graduate Student Association Awards. We are soliciting your help in nominating qualified individuals, groups, and organizations that have exhibited outstanding support, advocacy, service, and leadership to the Rutgers Graduate community. The nominations portal will be open until Friday, May 14th, 2021 at 11:59 PM. Self-nominations are both welcomed and encouraged. You are welcome to submit as many different nominations as you would like. Each form will be for one unique submission. Please see the award categories below.

Graduate Student Organization of the Year

This award is given annually to one Graduate Student Organization (G.S.O.) at Rutgers University for going above and beyond the call of duty to exemplify the mission of the Rutgers Graduate Student Association by (i) furthering graduate student interests; (ii) offering multiple enrichment opportunities for social, cultural, academic, and personal well-being; and (iii) acting as advocates for their students. This recognition stands as a testament to the dedicated works of service leadership, community building, and inclusivity demonstrated by their governing body, which impacts their students and ensures that they are able to thrive while pursuing a graduate education.

Programming/Event of the Year

This award recognizes a program developed and produced by one or more Graduate Student Organizations (G.S.O.s) during the Rutgers University academic year. This program may be of educational, social, and/or service nature and must excel in any combination of programming elements such as:

    • Improving and strengthening community bonds
    • Enhancing the student perspective and the livelihood for a community
    • Creating an open and inclusive space
    • Cultivating a deeper understanding of a topic or idea important for social, cultural, and/or intellectual pursuits
    • Providing an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere for networking and fun
    • Impacting others in a positive manner

For this award, the only eligibility requirement is that the program must be organized by at least one Rutgers G.S.A.-supported G.S.O..

Excellence in Graduate Leadership Award

This award recognizes the exceptional leadership demonstrated by one or more dedicated individuals in the Rutgers University graduate student population during the academic year. By harnessing their ability to lead, those honored here have fostered growth within their organization, participated in strategic development, worked to execute the mission and vision of their organization, and encouraged communal spirit and pride. Honorees have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in efforts resulting in a significant and positive impact on their organizations and communities.

Eligible graduate students do not need to be an elected leader in a Rutgers G.S.O. nor a formal leader in an organization to be nominated for this award. 

Excellence in Graduate Service Award

This award recognizes Rutgers University graduate students who have demonstrated a tireless track record of significant service during the academic year. Those honored have shown a selfless commitment to the betterment of their cohort, fellow graduate students, and/or the community as a whole, improving the livelihood of others while encouraging an environment of inclusivity and growth.

Excellence in Graduate Advocacy Award

This award recognizes Rutgers University graduate students who demonstrated a commitment towards advocacy efforts during the academic year. Those honored with this award champion efforts required in the challenging process of generating change at the departmental, university, local community, state, or even at the national level. By striving for a better tomorrow, they have inspired others to actively participate in positive ways while reminding others the power of their voices.

Outstanding Support Service to the Rutgers Graduate Community

This award recognizes the exemplary efforts of dedicated Rutgers staff, administrators, university alumni, or local community leaders who have meaningfully contributed to the lives and well being of the Rutgers University graduate student population throughout the academic year.

Outstanding Faculty Support to the Rutgers Graduate Community

This award recognizes exemplary efforts by one or more dedicated individuals in the Rutgers University graduate faculty whose works have led to quality, worthwhile, and substantial changes to graduate students during the academic year. Those honored with this award have demonstrated a persistent desire to go above and beyond the call of duty in support of graduate students through efforts in any of the following:

    • Academic development
    • Professional development
    • Social and cultural engagement
    • Fostering a positive and inclusive environment necessary for academic success
    • Commitment to physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Faculty members of Rutgers University can be visiting, adjunct, and full-time professors in order to be eligible for this award.