Office Hours

When are GSA office hours?

GSA office hours vary depending on the semester. For the most recent information on when office hours will be held, please check our office hours calendar.

Where are GSA office hours?

The GSA’s offices are in room 108 of the Graduate Student Lounge.┬áIt is located on the College Avenue Campus next to the Rutgers Student Center and behind Panera Bread. Our office is the first door on your left as you enter into the building.

What are the GSA office hours for?

Here are a few examples of why you might want to visit us during our office hours:

  • You represent a graduate student organization and need to pick up a check or receive help with navigating the GSA’s funding process.
  • You have a general issue or concern about graduate life at Rutgers. GSA officers, committees and representatives advocate on the behalf of graduate students to the university administration and may be able to help.
  • You would like to get involved in graduate student government and would like to learn about open positions and first steps.