Require Vaccinations For Rutgers Faculty/Staff – Not Just Students

While Rutgers University was a leader in mandating Covid-19 vaccinations for students returning to campus, the administration is still not requiring vaccinations for on-campus faculty and staff. The same reasons that justify the requirement of vaccinations for students also justify such a requirement for everyone else on campus.

Many other universities, including the state university systems of California and Michigan, Stockton University here in New Jersey, and many private universities around the country, require vaccinations for faculty and staff, and students. Note that the Rutgers faculty union has endorsed a faculty vaccination mandate since April.

Only when students, staff, and faculty are vaccinated can life on campus return to normal. As the State University, we also have an obligation to do our part to protect our communities and to demonstrate the scientific and ethical leadership needed to help rid our state of this scourge that has already killed over 26,000 New Jerseyans. The reason we do not still have polio and smallpox is because our parents and grandparents agreed to mandatory vaccinations; it is our responsibility to do the same with Covid-19.

The SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus does not discriminate based on an individual’s position in the university. We urge the Rutgers administration to recognize this and hold faculty and staff to the same vaccination requirements as our students.

Please take a moment and sign this petition to help make Rutgers COVID-free.

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