Announcements For GSOs

The Fall is quickly approaching and, like many of you, the GSA is hard at work planning for the next academic year. As such, please note the following:

1. getINVOLVED: GSO presence and usage of the getINVOLVED platform was made mandatory for reimbursements this past Spring, with some exceptions being made to help organizations transition to the platform. In order to be recognized for the next academic year, GSOs are required to maintain a profile on getINVOLVED with updated leadership contact information. Furthermore, proof of advertisement on the platform will be mandatory for reimbursements of each event. 

2. To everyone’s delight, the GSA is rebuilding their website using the sites@Rutgers platform! This platform is free to the RU community. The backend of the website is hosted by WordPress and is very robust. We encourage all GSOs with existing websites to transition these to sites@Rutgers. Because this platform is available to the community at no cost, GSA will no longer reimburse website hosting fees via other means. 

3. The GSA is hard at work on building our new website and we would love the graduate student community to be highlighted throughout. If you have any high-quality images from recent or past events, we would like to feature them! Please share with or and include the name of your GSO/event if possible so that we can work these into captions where we can.

More information will be provided in the coming weeks regarding plans for the Fall semester. Please reach out to Shawn Rumrill ( with any questions.

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