Possibility Conversation Webinars

ACPA has partnered with the Washington Consulting Group to offer Possibility Conversations; a FREE series of online webinars that will focus on moving into the fall with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens.

1 June 2020 @ 2pm EDT
Teaching, Learning and Advising in A Virtual Environment with a DEI Lens
This conversation will focus on the importance of preparing virtual environments for greater inclusion. As an academic, student organization advisor, or classroom teacher, how will you prepare the space for student success?

8 June 2020 @ 2pm EDT
DEI Student Leader Training in a Virtual Environment
Resident Assistants, Student Government, Greek Life, Orientation Leaders, Peer Educators, Office Staff, and more; each of these student leader roles plays a significant part in holding the value of DEI, as they serve the community. How are we preparing engaged learning opportunities and helping student leaders keep DEI integrated into all that they do?

15 June 2020 @ 2pm EDT
Virtual University: A Welcoming and Inclusive Campus Environment
As we begin our new semester, it is important to share with new faculty, staff, students, and parents the core values of our community. Most campuses include some version of a DEI session during welcome week and or orientation. What will your virtual DEI efforts look like, this year, during this important time?

Conversation Format:
– Introduction and Framing of the Topic
– A “Mind Dump” (What are our thoughts, feelings, or concerns)
– Important Things to Consider
– Open Questions and Answer

Join the Conversation:
– Use the links above to RSVP for each session through GoToWebinar
– Each session is limited to the first 500-people to join at the start time
– The series will be recorded and posted on the website for those who wish to review it at a later date
– Information gathered in each session will be available to participants after the conversation

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