GSA Townhall With President Holloway (11/9)

On November 9, 2020, from 5:30 – 6:30 PM, the GSA will be hosting a VIRTUAL Town Hall Meeting with President Holloway, his Cabinet, and Chancellors: Chancellor Strom, Vice-Chancellor Gracias. We hope that you’re able to join us! Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 844 7563 3021 Passcode: 824811

This Town Hall will begin with a brief introduction to all of our panelists. This will be followed up with a moderated Q&A session led by our GSA Secretary, Danielle Kozlosky, which will last a majority of the session. We would greatly appreciate your involvement as Graduate and Professional Students to generate questions to be asked of our panelists.

You can direct your questions to particular individuals, as well as ask one person multiple questions. Please note that all questions will be asked anonymously. Additionally, if you have questions during the Town Hall Meeting, feel free to post them live in the chatbox. They will be handled and directed to our panelists during the session by our GSA Executive Vice President, Sonal Gahlawat. Regardless if you have questions or not, we hope that you join us by sitting in on the GSA Town Hall Meeting with President Holloway.

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