Open Graduate Summer Course

American Foreign Policy 26:478:588

Summer On-Line Course, 2020

7/6/2020 – 8/12/2020

Although the United States has been the world’s most powerful country since the end of WWII, its status as an unrivaled world power is long past its peak. Historians have sometimes called the 20th century “The American Century.” What are they likely to call the 21st century?  What kind of foreign policy should the U.S. pursue in a rapidly changing global environment?  Should the U.S. act as a moral leader in the world, and push for greater recognition of human rights and social justice?  Can the world’s most powerful country, which purports to be the world’s leading democracy, carry out its foreign policy while adhering to democratic principles of accountability and transparency?  How has the Trump presidency affected America’s role in the world?

This course will address these and other questions by placing them in a historical context. We will examine American foreign policy beginning with Woodrow’s Wilson decision to enter WWI, trace its evolution over the course of the 20thcentury, and think about where we might be headed in the next few years.  Historians have sometimes called the 20thcentury “The American Century.”  What are they likely to call the 21st century?

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