Updated GSO Directory and Late Group Funding Application

The GSA’s directory of graduate student organizations and how to get in contact with them has been updated for the 2019-2020 academic year here. New this year are special columns for GSO websites and “involvement contacts.” Involvement contacts are emails that GSOs have given that they recommend as the best person to email to get involved in the organization. If you are a GSO that would like to change information in the directory, please submit a directory change request from the directory page.

The late group funding application is also now open here. Funds will be distributed through the late groups fund on a rolling basis until our funds are exhausted. Note that because the majority of the GSA’s funds were distributed through the regular funding process, groups may only request up to $1000 from the late groups fund. (Note that GSOs that have approved savings or deficits from 18-19 will still see those applied as modifiers on their final allocation even if applying through the late groups application.)

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