Grad Student Organizations Annual Funding Allocations are Up!

Funding allocations for the year have been posted to the GSA’s website at The first link called “GSO Allocations and Spending by Month” includes your allocation number for the year on the left of the page. If you scroll to the right, the form will be updated as you submit checks to the GSA so you can see how much you have spent in comparison to how much you were allocated.

The second link called “GSO Allocation Calculation Spreadsheet” includes detailed information about how your allocation was calculated. You can read this alongside Section 5 of the funding policies to understand what each value represents.

A few important points to understand about the process are that 1) the funding calculations were purely mathematical. The GSA did not make any discretionary decisions about your GSOs request or its merit. 2) Some GSO savings requests were revised down because they requested funds the GSO already spent the previous year or because the request was lower than $200 or higher than $1500 (which are the limitations placed on savings requests in the funding policies. 3) Nearly all advanced status requests were approved. The requests that were denied either did not claim three criteria were met, or claimed academic GSO status when they were not listed as an academic GSO in the 2018-2019 director.

If you have any questions about how your allocation was calculated, feel free to get in touch through our contact form or to our business manger at or president at

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