2019/2020 Funding Application Open

Does your graduate student group need funding this year? The funding and recognition application for GSOs to request GSA funds for 2019/2020 is open and available now at https://live-ru-gsa.pantheonsite.io/gsos/gso-funding. This form must be submitted by September 13th. Groups that apply for funding after this deadline will only be eligible for up to $1000 for the academic year.

The highest amount that existing GSOs can request for the year is 1.5 times the highest amount spent in the last two years. Groups can look up their maximum request value at https://live-ru-gsa.pantheonsite.io/gso-spending-records/. Note that our records of your 18/19 and 17/18 spending in the maximum spending request form only reflect allowed spending. A group that spent $1100 when they were only allocated $1000 in 18/19, would see their spending for 18/19 as $1000. If a group believes that we have made a mistake in our records of their spending, they should email help@gsa.rutgers.edu as soon as possible. The maximum funding request value for new groups is $1500. The GSA’s funding is limited, so groups should only expect to receive part of what they request.

Groups that have questions about the funding application process should contact one of our officers and consult the GSA’s funding policies. There will also be time to ask questions at our first council meeting of the year on September 9th from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at the Graduate Student Lounge in the College Ave Student Center.


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