Late Group Funding + Durable Goods Applications Open

The Late Group Funding application will be open until whenever the funds run out. The GSA has set aside $7,000 for seven late groups–each group will receive $1,000. This application is for GSOs that have not received funding this funding cycle (2018-2019). It is not for groups that have already received an allocation in last month’s funding process.

The Durable Goods application is for durable goods. These are goods that are not permitted uses of funds allocated to GSOs in the regular allocation process. Requests for items through the Durable Goods Fund will be processed on a rolling basis and may require up to a month or more for the GSA to approve the request. GSOs shall under no circumstances assume that a Durable Goods Fund request will be approved until it receives specific confirmation from the GSA that the request has been approved. The GSA will not approve Durable Goods requests until it has received confirmation from the university that the type of item being requested at the price point requested is an acceptable use of GSA funds. Funds allocated through the Durable Good fund do not subtract from GSO’s total entitlements and unlike entitlements are item specific. If you receive funding for a coffee maker, you can only purchase a coffee maker. The GSA has allocated $1,000 for this pool.

Link to Late Group application:

Link to Durable Goods application:

Please direct any questions to the President or Business Manager.

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