Call to Action – November 2017 Proposed Tax Bill to Hurt PhD Students

Last week, republican lawmakers introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill. This bill would tax grad students on any tuition waived in addition to the annual stipend.

Lawmakers are hoping to vote on this bill by Thanksgiving 2017 and if passed by the end of the year, the proposed bill would take effect beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Immediate action on our part is a must! Please see the link below on ways to voice opposition to this bill.

Download (PDF, 1.19MB)


Additional resources:

How the bill affects grad students

Inside Higher Ed Article



Updated useful links to automatically contact all of your representatives:

The Contact Congress buttons are live on  There are four letters, one for each bucket:

Also, you can check out the page ( that has information on what is included in H.R. 1.

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