Important Deadlines and Special Instructions for Funding and Recognition Applications

Due to a bug in our system, there is a step of the funding application which all GSOs will need to do differently for this semester only to ensure the speedy approval of their funding. When creating a new funding request, the second box on the form will ask you to select a semester for your request. Please select “Fall 2016.” Everything else in the request should be done as normal (for instance when asked for a specific date, you should put the real projected date of the event in 2017 and not in 2016). Thank you for your cooperation.

As a reminder, the deadline for recognition applications is 9/10 at 9pm, and the deadline for funding applications is 9/14 at 9pm. More information to help you fill our your funding application is available here.

The GSA has passed new simplified funding policies. Notable changes include the elimination of the $300 ceiling for orientations, the $2500 ceiling for conferences, and the limit of two social events funded per semester. Please see page 5 of the new funding policies for a concise one-page listing of all of the restrictions you need to keep in mind when submitting your funding request.

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