The GSA is seeking passionate and self-motivated students who care about the graduate student body to seek positions as officers. Details of currently open positions are below. To express your interest, please send a brief statement describing why you are interested in the position and your relevant experience to


The GSA Treasurer is broadly responsible for ensuring the GSA’s financial well being. This includes setting the GSA’s budget with the consultation of the Executive Committee and overseeing the GSA’s financial system with the help of the GSA business manager. The Treasurer is a voting member of the GSA’s Executive Committee along with the President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Vice President of External Affairs

The Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA) is broadly responsible for advocating for graduate student interests at the state and national level and acts as the GSA’s liaison to the SAGE Coalition (Student Advocates for Graduate Education), a group of graduate student associations from public universities across the country who push for federal reforms that improve the quality of life for graduate students. A great position for a politically minded student with an interest in how the government can improve the lives of graduate students.

Vice President of Events and Programs

The Vice President of Events and Programs (VPEP) is broadly responsible for supervising and supporting the development, planning, and organizing of new GSA run events and programming. This includes directly supporting new social, cultural, and recreational events to foster interaction between graduate students from many different programs and supporting GSA committees working on developing new programming. A great position for a student motivated to create a more cohesive graduate student community and work to produce new services to meet the needs of graduate students.

Vice President of Marketing, Orientations, and Communications

The Vice President of Marketing, Orientations, and Communications (VPMOC) is responsible for designing the marketing for the GSA and working to improve communications between graduate students and the GSA. In addition to managing the GSA’s social media presence, responsibilities taken on by the VPMOC might include tasks like seeking new ways to get student input about the issues that they care the most about or creating a convenient list of resources for incoming graduate students to ease the transition process.