Office Hours

What are the GSA office hours for?

Anything, basically. Here are a few examples of why you might want to visit us during our office hours:

  • The GSA officers, committees and representatives advocate on the behalf of graduate students to the university administration. If you have a general issue or concern about graduate life at Rutgers, and cannot attend a GSA council meeting to voice it yourself, feel free to come by during our office hours.
  • We offer confidential advice and/or help. Talk to an officer about any concern or problem you have.
  • Graduate student organisations may ask for help in filling out funding applications and post event reports, or in resolving any funding or reservation issues.
  • Cheque pick up: Any group or committee that has a cheque to be picked up, may stop by to collect it.

Office Location

The GSA office is located at the Graduate Student Lounge on College Avenue Campus next to Au Bon Pain and across from the Rutgers Student Center. >> Map