GSA Funding FAQ

Funding FAQ

I’d like to start a gradate student organization (GSO). How do I get funding for my group? 
First, contact the GSA Secretary ( in order to complete the necessary paper work for becoming an official GSO.

I did that. What do I do next? 
The GSA has three funding application periods. 80% of the funds are allocated in the Fall, Spring, and Summer for all events except for Speakers/Conferences. GSOs should request funds for Orientation (last week of August) – January in the Fall, February – May in the Spring, and June – August in the Summer. Speakers/Conferences are allocated on a rolling basis by the Standing EAC. Send all relevant information to the Treasurer for approval.

But what if I want to change one of my allocations during the semester? 
There are different types of changes that GSOs want to make. Details for each are given below.

1. A New Event with No New Funds 
If you would like funds for an entirely new event and there is no increase in your overall allocation, please modify your current allocation and highlight the funding changes. Email these changes to the GSA Treasurer. The request will then be sent to Standing External Allocations Committee for a vote. Please allow at least two weeks for resolution.

2. New Funds for a Previously Approved Event 
If the change in funds is less than $150, please notify the GSA Treasurer at least one week before the event for approval. If the change is for more, please follow the directions above for a new event. Funding changes for more than $150 must be approved by the Standing EAC.

3. New Event – New Funds 
This means that you are asking for more than $150 than was previously allocated to your GSO. Please contact the Treasurer regarding such requests. NOte that you may have to wait until the next funding cycle to request funds for such an event.

What if I have questions about my allocation? 
Questions about allocations should be directed to the GSA Treasurer. Allocations can be viewed online at

What if I have questions about checks, honoraria, payments, etc.? 
Questions about PERs, the status of reimbursement checks, and honoraria should be directed to the GSA Business Manager ( He or she processes all of these documents.

Can I get my money in advance of my event? 
No. We work on a reimbursement only basis.

When will my check be ready? 
The GSA Business Manager will send an email to whoever filled out the PER when the reimbursement check is ready. Checks can be picked up during ANY office hours held by the GSA Board, Business Manager, or Events and Office Manager. Please see the calendar. We attempt to get PERs processed in two to three weeks.

What if I have questions about booking a space? 
Questions about booking a space, catering, etc. should be directed to the GSA Events and Office Manager (