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The funding application period for Spring 2018 semester is now open.  You may now access funding applications via the GSO site: using your Rutgers NetID and password.  An illustrated guide to completing the application is available here.

The deadline for GSA funding requests is January 23rd at 9pm. Please note that it is possible to make funding requests prior to the approval of your recognition request as long as the recognition request has been submitted.  If you have any questions, please forward them to


Guide to Funding

GSA money comes from all graduate students at Rutgers. To ensure appropriate use, the GSA can only fund events held by recognized GSOs that have been pre-approved by the GSA in advance. In order to obtain pre-approval for your event, GSOs must submit information about their events through the this site during one of the funding application periods. You will receive confirmation from the GSA once your events are approved.

Please note that organizations that request funding prior to being cleared through the recognition process or recognized organizations that only approach the GSA for funding after holding their event cannot expect reimbursement, even if the event was a routine one. These rules apply to all Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs)and to all events. Please be sure to monitor the events mailing list for the latest information on recognition and funding application deadlines to ensure that your organization is not left out.

Filling out the Funding Application

When requesting funding, please be aware of the policies regarding GSA funding. The GSA imposes specific limitations on the types of events that it funds and the amount of money it funds the events for. Violating these limitations in your request may cause the approval of your event to be delayed.

You can also view the funding slides prepared by the GSA Business Manager GSA Funding Info 2016-17.

An illustrated guide to completing the online application is available here.

After Approval

The GSA operates on a reimbursement-only basis (unless the request is for an honorarium or a single cost of more than $500). In order for the GSA to issue you reimbursement for your pre-approved event, you must submit a Post-Event Report form (or PER) back to the GSA. Included with the PER should be an official GSA sign in sheet for the event, all original receipts, and copies of the advertising for the event. Please note that to be funded, events should be advertised to all members of your organization and advertisements should include a statement saying that the event is sponsored at least in part by the GSA. Printable copies of PER and GSA sign in sheets can be found under GSO Treasurer Forms. You can read more about advertising requirements in the full funding policies .

Once your event has concluded, you have either 90 days to submit your PER form to the GSA or until the end of semester PER deadline (whichever is sooner). The end of semester PER deadline will be announced via the GSA events list.

Receiving your Reimbursement

After you submit your PER, the GSA will do its best to issue your reimbursement check as soon as possible. Generally this process takes two to three weeks, but may take longer at the end of the semester when the GSA is processing a large volume of PER forms. Once your check is ready, an email will be sent to the person who filled out the form announcing that their check is ready for pick up. Checks can be picked up at any of the GSA’s scheduled office hours on the events calendar.

To learn about more specific issues on funding and who to contact with specific types of questions, please consult the GSA Funding FAQ and full funding policies under “governing documents.”

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