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GSA money comes from all graduate students at Rutgers. To ensure appropriate use, the GSA must pre-approve all events. The GSA does all that it can to help events happen, as long as it is informed about them beforehand. Organizations that only approach the GSA for funding after holding their event cannot expect reimbursement, even if the event was a routine one. The rules apply to all Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs)and to all events.

When requesting funding, please be aware of the policies regarding GSA funding.

You can also view the funding slides prepared by the GSA Business Manager GSA Funding Info 2016-17.

Funding FAQ

Funding Documents

2016-17 Maximum meal reimbursements for GSO events are $5 per person for breakfast, $7.50 per person for lunch, $10 per person for dinner, and $4 per person for snacks.

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