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Fellowships & Awards, 2017-2018
This page contains reference information for some of the awards and grants that graduate students are likely to apply to. For in depth information about funding sources and individualized help with your applications, please visit the Rutgers Office of Graduate Student External Grants and Fellowships (Gradfund).

Bevier Fellowship
o Dissertation fellowship for students who have completed both qualifying papers and defended their dissertation proposal.
o Requirements: Completed application form, two page statement describing your dissertation project, 25 word abstract, copy of your Rutgers graduate transcript, and two letters of recommendation.
o Deadline: TBA
o Learn more here.

Graduate School Travel Grant (1)
o Grant helps support the cost of travel to present research at conferences.
o Requirements: Completed application
o Deadline: October 1st 11:59pm 2017
o Learn more here.

Special Study Opportunity and Pre-Dissertation Awards
o Special Study awards assist students who pursue educational opportunities which require travel (workshops, summer courses, etc.).
o Pre-Dissertation Awards provide funding for travel, for students beginning their doctoral research. o Requirements: Completed application and 1-2 page statement about your project/request.
o Deadline: TBA
o Learn more here.

Graduate School Travel Grant (2)
o Requirements: Completed application
o Deadline: TBA
o Learn more here.

TA/GA Professional Development Fund
o Requirements: Completed application
o Deadline: TBA

A message from AAUP-AFT Rutgers on the Summer 2017 Professional Development Fund:

Dear fellow RU Teaching and Graduate Assistants,

I am proud to write to you all today with positive and inspiring news. This past semester, we earned something that you and your TA/GA Union Steering Committee have been working towards for nearly two years: we won a fairer and more transparent distribution of the Professional Development Fund (PDF) monies among our eligible constituents.

Over 99% (776 out of 780) of graduate student TA/GAs who applied for PDF funding this round have been recommended to receive at least the minimum award of $350, with over 91% of those who applied receiving an award between $900 and $1000. Graduate student TA/GAs with both 10- and 12-month appointments in 75+ unique degree programs and academic units across RU Camden, Newark, New Brunswick, and RBHS will be receiving these awards.

The stats above describe a distribution of funds so close to the equal distribution that we had petitioned for last fall, that the resemblance is both provocative and satisfying. This outcome is truly a testament to the power of collective action. We proposed something that would justly benefit us all, and after much sustained and dedicated organizing, we have earned this.

For a fuller narrative about the PDF, see our recent op-ed, which illustrates the problems of PDF and sheds light on a campaign that utilized both our  right to grieve over issues related to our contract and the power of putting pressure on the administration through petition work and direct-action (see our picture from our “Coffee with Kukor” action!) )

For questions on the dispersal of your PDF award please email our staff-person, Anna Barcy at — she will be in touch with the office of Academic/Labor Relations on all questions related to this.

On behalf of the TA/GA Union Steering Committee,  I want to say thank you to all of the graduate students, faculty, and undergraduates who helped us to take charge of and make good of the TA/GA Professional Development Fund. And to all graduate students I want to emphasize that the work of this campaign was done BY and FOR graduate students working as TAs, GAs, fellows, and PTLs. I want to remind you that with a new round of contract negotiations beginning in January, where we will be meeting with Rutgers management to discuss our provisions of pay, benefits, etc.  It will be crucial for all graduate students to continue to take charge of their union and to build upon what we’ve already gained by getting involved in these negotiations.
In our next contract campaign we want to negotiate for salary raises, more sustained funding, and more – we’re only going to get there with your continued involvement. Our win on the TA/GA Professional Development Fund is only the beginning and I encourage you to get involved in the contract campaign early by writing back and speaking with a member of union leadership about how you can become more involved and communicate ideas on what we need to be fighting for in January. And if you’re not yet a full member of the union, we encourage you to join today by downloading a membership form.

Our next event will be a happy hour at Pino’s Lounge sometime in July – look out for the announcement and please come out. For those of you who are away from campus this summer, I encourage all to come to the next  TA/GA Union General Assembly meeting to be held this fall semester.

Congrats and best to all,

Lauren Frazee
4th Year, Ecology and Evolution
Cook Campus Rep to the TA/GA Union Steering Committee

PDF application hints and issues of transparency

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